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I think of enameling as a repository for light and color and its mutual interest with the world.

In my late thirties, I came to have some free time during the day, when my two sons were in school and I started enameling at the Culture Center near my house. My first practice was putting various enamel powders on a cast silver jewelry frame provided by my instructor. We were taught a very simple wet packing technique of enameling.  After firing, I opened the kiln and took out the piece and waited for it to cool.  It was at that moment of watching the fused light of the fired enamel turn into a brilliant hue, that I was hooked. This event brought back another memorable moment of excitement as I thought about my first Chemistry class in high school.  Following my teacher’s guidance, I began to pour a colorless solution of acid and base together into a test tube. When combined they immediately created a radiant color. I fell instantly in love with chemistry. Accordingly, I majored in chemistry in college, since I strongly felt that it might make my life as beautiful as the illusion I saw, unfortunately, it never happened again in the chemistry laboratory.

My student days at the Cultural Center only lasted one year when they closed. I then rented a small studio with other enamellers, and continued on my own for 5-6 years. I performed sifting, wet packing, cloisonné, and stencil techniques using leaded enamels on copper plate and copper ware.

Finally, in 1995 I won the Award of Excellence from the International Juried Enameling Exhibition sponsored by the Japanese Enameling Artist Association. I realized then that I wanted to pursue a professional enameling education. I enrolled in an enameling class in the Korean Traditional Handcraft School located in Kyungbok Palace in Seoul.

On year later in 1996, I attended the International Enameling Workshop in Musashino City, Japan. I learned painting techniques from Germany, America, Spain and Japan. After I returned home, I had no idea how I could purchase the new materials to use this new technique.

In 2000, I received an international letter from Professor Tanaka from Hiroshima University in Japan. She wanted to introduce me to Mr. Harlan Butt who was the Chairman of the Enamelist Society at that time. Mr. Butt wrote me a letter suggesting that I become the Regional Coordinator of Korea for the International Invitation Exhibition, which would be held in New Delhi, India. I was continuing my journey through the enameling world. After the opening of the exhibition, I toured India with Veenu Shah, Chairman of the Indian Enameling Artist Association and 30 other enamel artists. This was an experience of a lifetime leaving behind a routine life of food, culture, tradition and philosophy to step into a new land filled with a different language and culture.

In 2001, I joined The Enamelist Society, and have attended every conference, workshop and juried exhibition that has been held bi-annually in the U.S.A.   Through many events I have attended during this time, I have met numerous enamel artists, have learned various new techniques of contemporary enameling, and disciplined myself through the workshops I have attended.

Enameling never creates the identical thing repeatedly. I would be very happy if I came to have the colors that I had intended, but I would be happier if I received a superior one that I always intended to have. I repeat the process over and over every day, thus I can communicate and understand the enamels. The color is a light to me and I feel that I am a lighthouse, guiding the young enamellers in Korea.

Meanwhile, time goes by, and I am getting older, but I am happy that I can share the colors of enameling with others.

Presently, I am the Director of Foreign Affairs at the Society of Korean Enameling.


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